Thursday, March 08, 2007

Book Club: "The Toyota Way" Chapter 13

Summary: Chapter 13 of The Toyota Way discusses principle #7, "use visual control so no problems are hidden." A basic characteristic of a Lean process is the use of visuals that allow communication to occur immediately and constantly. Whether they be helpful pieces of information needed to perform a task, or progress boards showing the status of different projects, visuals are simple, yet intelligent ways of managing processes. Here are the discussion topics:

1) Talk about the traditional mentality of "firefighting" that exists in the manufacturing world (pg. 149).

2) Go into detail on each of the 5S's (pg. 150). What role does a 5S program serve in Lean (pg. 151-152)?

3) What is a visual control (pg. 152)? Give some examples (pg. 153).

4) Describe the "process control board" that Toyota uses in its Hebron parts warehouse (pg. 153-155).

5) Recount the example of how Toyota demands 5S attributes in an office environment (pg. 156).

6) Describe an "obeya" (pg. 156).

7) Typically, what does an "A3" report include (pg. 157)? What size are these reports (pg. 157)?

8) Discuss Toyota's hesitancy to adopt technology at the expense of visual control (pg. 157-158).

Pleae feel free to add any additional topics for discussion in next week's training session.

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