Monday, February 26, 2007

Book Club: "The Toyota Way" Chapter 12

Summary: Chapter 12 of The Toyota Way discussed Principle #6: standardized tasks are the foundation for continuous improvement and employee empowerment. If work is done differently each time, it's nearly impossible to track down and eliminate root causes of problems. Standardized tasks create stability and repetition, which are critical in analyzing and adjusting processes. Additionally, it is critical that employees be directly responsible for developing standardized tasks. Having this responsibility empowers them to actively improve the quality of their products and efficiency of their processes.

1) Discuss the Frederick Taylor method of management. What are some of the negatives of this style?

2) Describe the 3 elements of standardized work at Toyota (takt time, sequence, and stock on hand).

3) Discuss the golf analogy on pg. 142. How does this relate to the purpose of standardized tasks at Toyota?

4) Who develops the standardized task procedures at Toyota?

5) Explain where Toyota fits into the chart on pg. 145. Where does Palm Harbor fit?

6) Discuss how Toyota standardizes the work of launching a new product.

7) How specific or general should standards be?

8) Who should maintain and impove standards?

Feel free to add any additional items for discussion to the list. We at Palm Harbor will be discussing these topics in our training class this week and next.

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