Thursday, March 15, 2007

6S in the Frame Shop (Part 5)

Here are some additional improvements that we made to our Frame Shop since we performed the 6S event:

We created new labels for our materials that are much more visual than the previous ones. They include lots of information about the material, such as the common name, the inventory name, the inventory number, and a photo of the item:

We also posted a visual control board in the Frame Shop close to the tool locker. The associates will be responsible for checking the first 4S's (Sort, Safety, Set-In-Order, and Shine), the supervisor will check the fourth S (Standardize) to ensure that the first 4 are being systematically maintained, and the production manager will check the 6th S (Sustain) to ensure that the entire system is working correctly. This visual control board will allow us to see at a glance whether the 6S's are being properly maintained.
Additionally, we posted a "6S Success" display board in our break area. It has general information concerning the 6S's, a schedule of 6S events, and highlights from our Frame Shop event.

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Dewey Warden said...

I know everyone is ultimately responsible for the 6S's but I like the way you have the associates checking the first 4S's (safety, sort, set-in-order and shine) but requiring the supervisor to check standardize is a form of leader standard work which fits in well with the production manager checking on sustain. This is the best way to change a culture. Standardize the work of your leaders to check their people and their areas to make sure people are using the process and soon it becomes a habit and a way of doing things. Good job, Mike.